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Volkswagen & Audi 2.0T 3 Port Boost Tap

Volkswagen & Audi 2.0T 3 Port Boost Tap

Boost tap piece installs between the 2.0L FSI/TSI/TFSI intake manifold and factory PCV breather hose, and features an 1/8" nipple to provide a manifold pressure reference for most aftermarket boost gauges

Our Price: $60.00
90 Degree and Straight Oxygen Sensor Spacer 18MM x 1.5

Oxygen Sensor Spacer 18MM x 1.5

Universal For Any Thread Size Of 18MM X 1.5

Eliminates CEL Code from Catyltic Converter delete

Our Price: $65.00
D2S OEM HID Headlight bulb replacement 5000K

Discharge type 2 shielded HID bulb


Our Price: $65.00
Mega Raizin Voltage Stabilizer

Mega Raizin Voltage Stabilizer

By increasing the capacity of the condenser three-fold (compared to Blue RAIZIN), and decreasing both circuitry noise and high frequency impedance the results have been a more stable supply of voltage to all electronic devices, better gas mileage, and improved torque and audio quality.

Our Price: $90.00
Eurospot Short shifter kit for 06-08 VW Golf & Jetta MKV

Eurospot Short shifter kit for 06-08 VW Golf & Jetta
Reduces approx 30%
Revised Heavy Duty Solid shifter to Improved Shifting Point
Reverse Lock Design
Solid Steel & Alinimum construction
Shift knob is included as well as a metal lower cover

Our Price: $119.00
Digital Electronic Slim Panel Style Boost Gauge

Check out our panel style boost gauge, Readings are all in Digital and this includes its own MAP sensor. You can also set a peak boost that will alert you if you are overboosting.
Mounting is as simple as using double sided 3M Tape, And you can practically put this ANYWHERE.

Our Price: $139.00
Universal Apexi Turbo Timer

The Apexi Auto Timer allows the vehicle to idle for a preset amount of time after the ignition key has been removed. This prevents hot oil in the engine from solidifying in the lines or center section of a turbo. Proper cool down is essential for a healthy engine.

Our Price: $149.99
EuroSpot 2.0T VW & Audi Uprated Blow Off Valve Kit

CNC Aluminum with an internal piston for faster response and improved durability.

Eliminates any possibility of a ripping diaphragm that commonly occurs in OEM designs.

Excellent OEM Replacement

This kit includes

Blow Off Valve

Solenoid Valve

Harness adapter

Spare Internal Spring

List Price: $249.99
Our Price: $249.99
Sale Price: $189.99
Savings: $60.00
EuroSpot 06-09 VW Golf 2.0T FSI Silicone Intercooler Hose Kit

If you see oil around your stock hoses in the intercooler system, that means you have a boost/vacuum leak. Boost & Vacuum leaks will cause the car to run rich while boosting & leak while under vacuum, If it gets bad enough the car will start misfiring & will go into limp mode or worse. Our kit gives you piece of mind knowing that they are upgraded to 4Ply Full Silicone with Nomex, they are way stronger & thicker then the OEM rubber hoses. Definently something worth doing if the car is going to be a "keeper".

These hoses are made in the same shape & Fitment as your Original hoses so you do not have to custom it.

Increase throttle response.
Increase turbo spool up.
Replaces the OEM Cracked hoses that is waiting to blow up.
Made for STOCK Intercooler System

Lifetime warranty against corrosion & normal usage wear

This is a Genuine EuroSpot Product

Fits MKV 2.0T with Stock Intercooler system

Includes 4 Hoses & 4 metal joiners

Our Price: $199.00
EuroSpot MKV MKVI Golf & Jetta FSI & TSI 2.0T

Made out of T304 Stainless Steel
High polish finish
Direct Bolt-On
3" Piping
Bolts on to stock catback system.
Unlocks true power out of the turbocharger

Backordered - Ships in 7 Days

Our Price: $330.00
2.0T FSI/TSI T3 Flanged Turbo Manifold

2.0T FSI/TSI T3 Flanged Turbo Manifold

T3 flanged turbo manifold for use with GT30R, GT35R, T04Z, or other T3 flanged turbos on the new 2.0T FSI/TSI turbo engine. Also external wastegate port for use with Tial 38mm external or Tial 44mm external (using billet adapter).

Our Price: $349.00
EuroDyne ECU Chip Reflash for VW & Audi 1.8T 2.7T & MK4 VR6 2.0T (IN STORE ONLY)

Stage 1: For use with unmodified vehicles - Typical horsepower gains of 45HP. Torque increase of 50 foot lbs - excellent driveability

Stage 2: For customers with modified intake and exhaust systems. Horsepower gains are hardware dependent.

Audi A4

Audi S4

Audi TT

VW Golf

VW Jetta

VW Passat

VW Beetle

AEB 1997/1999A4-1.8T
AMB 2002/2005A4-1.8T
AMU 2001/2002TT-225HP
AWM 2000/2003TT-180HP
AWP 2002/2005TT-180HP
BEA 2002/2006TT-225HP
APB 2000/2002S4/A6-2.7Tallroad
BEL 2004/2005A6-2.7T
AWM 2001/2003Passat
AWP 2002/2005 Golf/Jetta
AWW 2000/2001 Jetta
BDF 2002/200524V - VR6 Non Turbo
BJS 2002/200424V - VR6 Non Turbo
FSI 2.0T 2006-2008 VW

Our Price: $499.00
VW MK5 06 - 08 Golf & Jetta JOM BlueLine Coilover Kit

VW MK6 10 - 14 Golf & Jetta JOM BlueLine Coilover Kit

The BlueLine coilover suspension kits are highgrade car-specific suspension components. The range of adjustment gives an individual body lowering. The kits have a huge transverse force absorption. The initial spring tension survives in complete range of adjustment. Adjustment is made after installation.

~ adjustment range 20mm(.78") to a 60mm(2.36") drop
~ EPS powder-coated, galvanised shock absorbers
~ dust boot, solid rubber bump stops
~ cold wound springs

Our Price: $649.99